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Fall Home Tips
Posted On: 2019-10-09 10:13:42.013

The Fall season has hit in a big way here in Idaho and it's left some homeowners a bit out of sorts when trying to get ready for the colder months that are coming! Don't fret! Your friends here are Evans Realty are happy to provide some great home tips to help you get your place ready before the snow flies.

Follow these tips to get things ready for Jack Frost!

Look At The Lights!
Take a moment to walk around the house and check out your exterior lights. It's a good time to fix anything that might be broken, and replace old bulbs. Over the Summer critters may have made their own homes in your lights as well; there's no need to keep them around all year.

The Vents!
While you're walking around your home you will likely also spot other things that need attention; if you have a home with a crawlspace this means closing your external foundation vents - doing so can help you keep your heating bills lower over Winter. Speaking of vents, you may want to peep into your dryer vent to make sure it's clear of lint in order to avoid fire hazards.

General Put Away
While you may pull out the grill some time in mid-December it's not likely you'll need the lawn equipment too much longer, so go ahead and start tucking things away. Store fertilizers and fuel properly in the shed or garage. Taking care of these items now will keep your equipment running great for years to come and things will be right where you need them when the Spring thaw comes.

These things may seem like common sense items but ,especially if you are a new homeowner, they may not automatically come to mind! We're happy to be your source not only for some of the best Idaho real estate in the valley but also for help and resources long after you've made our community home.

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