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Ideas for More Storage
Posted On: 2019-08-14 13:45:22.373

Whether you've just moved in and found out that you've got more stuff than places to stick it, or if you're just feeling crowded in your long time home there's no need to distress about space! We've put together some great ideas to help you make the most of your room and feel more comfortable in your home.

Change the Furniture
If budget allows consider getting all new furniture that might fit your space better. If not, look at what you have and how you might rearrange items within the space to increase flow.

Think Vertical
This is especially true in the kitchen where counter space is likely at a premium. Stack things, buy hooks to suspsend lesser used pans from the ceiling, and get creative in spacing things out.

Rotate Seasonally
You don't leave your Christmas tree out year round, right? So why leave so much of the seasonal stuff you're not using out to take up space?! Rotate items in a room based on whether they are being currently use; if not stash them away in the attic or garage until the time is right.

Clean Out
It's hard to admit, but one reason you may not have enough space is just because you have too much STUFF. Look through your items and consider if you really need them or if they're just being held on to and donate or trash them. You may be surprised to find it wasn't a lack of space that was the problem all along!

Being your chosen real estate agent means much more than just being around when you sign the paper work! We want to be life long advocates in your happiness - and that means helping down the road with homeowner questions too!

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