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Winter Home Tips!

Believe it or not Winter is in full swing! While we've had a relatively mild season in Idaho so far that doesn't mean that this isn't still the coldest part of the year, and we've still got a few months left. That being the case it's also the time of year when home energy costs can be the highest; so it's important to keep an eye on things around the house in order to keep from having a unhappy surprise in your power bill.

We've put together just a few tips to help you stay cozy this Winter and keep costs low too!

Lower The Temp
Set that thermostat to 68. Yes, 68. It might be a littler cooler than you are used to but you can always bundle up. Keeping the temperature a little lower will of course cause the heater to run less.

Change Your Filters
Your home air filters can have a huge effect on how well your air systems work. Having a dirty filter can cause your heating system to run as much as 20% less efficient. Keeping those filters fresh will also help keep you healthier!

Patch Drafts
Check windows and doors for air leaks! Patch up any leaky spots to help prevent cold drafts from seeping in and stealing away your warm air.

These three tips can help you save a bundle this Winter!
We want to be on your team long after the purchase or sale of your Idaho home; that's one reason why we love being able to provide helpful information for homeowners year round. We would love to talk more with you about your new year - get in touch!

Fall Home Tips

The Fall season has hit in a big way here in Idaho and it's left some homeowners a bit out of sorts when trying to get ready for the colder months that are coming! Don't fret! Your friends here are Evans Realty are happy to provide some great home tips to help you get your place ready before the snow flies.

Follow these tips to get things ready for Jack Frost!

Look At The Lights!
Take a moment to walk around the house and check out your exterior lights. It's a good time to fix anything that might be broken, and replace old bulbs. Over the Summer critters may have made their own homes in your lights as well; there's no need to keep them around all year.

The Vents!
While you're walking around your home you will likely also spot other things that need attention; if you have a home with a crawlspace this means closing your external foundation vents - doing so can help you keep your heating bills lower over Winter. Speaking of vents, you may want to peep into your dryer vent to make sure it's clear of lint in order to avoid fire hazards.

General Put Away
While you may pull out the grill some time in mid-December it's not likely you'll need the lawn equipment too much longer, so go ahead and start tucking things away. Store fertilizers and fuel properly in the shed or garage. Taking care of these items now will keep your equipment running great for years to come and things will be right where you need them when the Spring thaw comes.

These things may seem like common sense items but ,especially if you are a new homeowner, they may not automatically come to mind! We're happy to be your source not only for some of the best Idaho real estate in the valley but also for help and resources long after you've made our community home.

Ideas for More Storage

Whether you've just moved in and found out that you've got more stuff than places to stick it, or if you're just feeling crowded in your long time home there's no need to distress about space! We've put together some great ideas to help you make the most of your room and feel more comfortable in your home.

Change the Furniture
If budget allows consider getting all new furniture that might fit your space better. If not, look at what you have and how you might rearrange items within the space to increase flow.

Think Vertical
This is especially true in the kitchen where counter space is likely at a premium. Stack things, buy hooks to suspsend lesser used pans from the ceiling, and get creative in spacing things out.

Rotate Seasonally
You don't leave your Christmas tree out year round, right? So why leave so much of the seasonal stuff you're not using out to take up space?! Rotate items in a room based on whether they are being currently use; if not stash them away in the attic or garage until the time is right.

Clean Out
It's hard to admit, but one reason you may not have enough space is just because you have too much STUFF. Look through your items and consider if you really need them or if they're just being held on to and donate or trash them. You may be surprised to find it wasn't a lack of space that was the problem all along!

Being your chosen real estate agent means much more than just being around when you sign the paper work! We want to be life long advocates in your happiness - and that means helping down the road with homeowner questions too!

Reasons Why 2017 Is The Year To Buy!

There’s a lot of talk in the Idaho real estate market about how we’ve returned to a sellers market; why it’s very much true that it is a great time to sell there are a few good reasons why this year is also a great time to buy!

So much so that we’ve got to encourage you not to wait; here are three big reasons why you may want to consider buying a home before the year is out.

Rates Are Only Rising
Years ago a single digit mortgage rate seemed like an impossible dream. Last year mortgage rates bottomed out at 3.55% and the Federal Reserve decided to bolster this key rate; the rate went up to right at 4%. Over the next few years this trend is expected to continue and rates could be into the 6% zone by 2019.

Inventory Is Shrinking
It’s even made the national news! Available real estate inventory is low, especially here in Idaho! That means listings are moving fast and there’s no guarantee that the home you’re in love with will be available next week or next month. Experts agree this trend is likely to continue and chances are interested buyers will have even fewer homes to choose from next year than they do today.

Home Prices Are Still Going Up
This is one key reason why sellers who have been sitting on their investments are so happy – things are finally leveling out from the real estate bubble years ago. As we have yet to see a real ceiling for increase here in the valley this will most likely continue meaning that they best time to get the best price is very likely right now.

Whether you’ve been thinking about making a move for some time and just weren’t sure, or are looking to make a fast turn around in this liquid market it’s a great time to be in real estate! Our agents have the insight you’ll need to find the properties you want and make an informed decision – we hope that you will consider us when looking for the right agent to make things happen!

Tame the clutter!

The rains have come and the wind is blowing the fresh smells of a new season across the land…and that means Spring cleaning!

Yay. Right? Nobody looks forward to the work part of the process but everything sure is nice when it’s done and you can sit back and breathe in that crisp clean house smell.

We’ve put together a few quick but powerful tips to help you get ready for Spring without taking the spring out of your step!

Dust Off The A/C
Seasons change fast, and if you have central air it won’t be long before you’ll be wanting to turn it on to cool down. It’s a good idea to give the unit outside a good hose down and inspect it for any damage. Go ahead and change those air filters and turn the system on to make sure everything sounds right.

Do the Junkmail Jump
It’s a good time to review all those subscription and junk mail ads hitting the mailbox. Unsubscribing may not be the way you want to spend your Saturday but by the end of the year when the sales ads are really hitting you’ll be glad you did. It’s not a bad idea to take a look at your online subscriptions and bills in general as well…are there some things you’re paying for that you’re not even using? Cut them out!

Clean the Grill!
This one brings it’s own reward really. For many of us grilling season never really stopped so this may just be a matter of some light brushing off, but for everyone else go ahead and break out the wire brush and get things looking clean. Dump out old ashes and maybe even fire up a few burgers after you’re done – just to make sure it’s still “good”.

Brave The Deep Clean
Now is the time. Before Summer sports and the year really gets rolling, Spring is often the best time to go beyond your normal maintenance cleaning and go for the deep grime. Bleach the grout, wash down the baseboards, and do all the little things that make a big difference.

A good real estate agent wants to help long after the paper work is signed and helping you take care of the home you’re living in is just one part of that. If you’re looking for a home, or even looking to sell the home you’re in just get in touch!

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