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Drive into the "valley of plenty," via Highway 16's Freeze-out Hill and you’ll see orchards and fields stretched out before stark foothills where a century ago outlaws found refuge. Head on into Emmett and you’ll soon feel that legendary small-town serenity. New housing developments are nearly hidden in the rolling hills surrounding town.

This is a place where big city life meets small town quiet living, and we like it just fine...
From the tree-shaded park across from the railroad depot to the drive-in café where neighbors meet over a flavored soda, Emmett is a town linked to its past but poised for the future. We invite you to get to know our town, and look around the rest of the Treasure Valley as well - we can show you some of the best homes and properties available and have the experience you'll want when the time comes to make the move.

Talk to our agents and you'll see why we love where we live!

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In Emmett
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Winter Home Tips!

Believe it or not Winter is in full swing! While we've had a relatively mild season in Idaho so far that doesn't mean that this isn't still the coldest part of the year, and we've still got a few months left. That being the case it's also the time of year when home energy costs can be the highest; so it's important to keep an eye on things around the house in order to keep from having a unhappy surprise in your power bill.

We've put together just a few tips to help you stay cozy this Winter and keep costs low too!

Lower The Temp
Set that thermostat to 68. Yes, 68. It might be a littler cooler than you are used to but you can always bundle up. Keeping the temperature a little lower will of course cause the heater to run less.

Change Your Filters
Your home air filters can have a huge effect on how well your air systems work. Having a dirty filter can cause your heating system to run as much as 20% less efficient. Keeping those filters fresh will also help keep you healthier!

Patch Drafts
Check windows and doors for air leaks! Patch up any leaky spots to help prevent cold drafts from seeping in and stealing away your warm air.

These three tips can help you save a bundle this Winter!
We want to be on your team long after the purchase or sale of your Idaho home; that's one reason why we love being able to provide helpful information for homeowners year round. We would love to talk more with you about your new year - get in touch!

Emmett, Idaho is located in western Idaho and in Gem County. It is less than 30 miles from the state capital of Boise. Originally named after the son of postmaster Thomas Cahalan, Emmett serves as the county seat and has a resident population of about 5,500 in the city and 18,500 in the county. Our main communities are Sweet, Ola, Letha, and Emmett. This area has a rich history in agriculture and is home to some of the finest fruit orchards in the Northwest.

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Currently the #1 Producing Real Estate office in Gem County, Evans Realty was established in 1985. Our original Emmett office location has housed a real estate office since the 1940's. With generations of real estate agents and brokers, we are a landmark within our community, attracting buyers and sellers of all types, within our community, as well as visitors just passing through.

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With the ever changing real estate market, our knowledgeable agents specialize in everything from first time home buyers, farms & ranches, and commercial properties, to auction and bank owned properties, and HUD homes. We combine exceptional customer service, and cutting edge technology with downhome ethics to ease our clients through the purchase and sale process.

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